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- No selling involved - 

Share a link and get paid the next day for each order!

Online - If you enjoy social media and being online this is a great opportunity for you to share your personalized link.  We need help showing our inspirational décor pillows and totes!  We are ready to pay you for each order placed from the personalized web page link provided.

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How much do I earn?

Individuals 26% commission per order.  Ex:  ($35 order = $9.10)

Wholesale to Retail pay 10% of the total wholesale order. Ex:  ($300 order = $30)

Who can I share links with?


On Social Media

Business Owners (gift shops, salons, gift basket stores, hospital gift shops, and bookstores)

How much does it cost to get started?

 $0 - There is no cost to get started and no monthly fees.  No contract or obligation.  We will provide you with a free personalized webpage link.  If the webpage remains inactive with no sales the first week after signing up, the page will be removed and there will be a $10 reinstatement fee.  Inactive pages will be removed 1 month after the last order was received.

How can you get paid daily?

You can get paid the day of the order from your active link through PayPal (if you have an account) or Cash App.

The question to ask yourself before getting started.

  • Do I enjoy sharing links online?

  • Am I looking for a simple way to earn extra income without selling?

Request your personalized page link at

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