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InspirationalFundraising Products
(Online and Traditional Brochure Fundraisers available)

*Schools  *Non-Profits  *Youth Groups  *Dance Teams 
*Cheer Squads  *Sports Teams  *and others

~No cost to start. 
~We deliver directly to your donors or to your group

We offer fundraising services to organizations that are
faith based and non-faith based that are looking for one of a kind
and unique items to give as donor gifts. 
You can earn 10.00 per item with our pillow or tote fundraiser and
your donors can walk away with products they will enjoy placing
in their personal spaces and carrying along as well.
Biblical Women products have stories to tell
and we want to help you tell yours!

Call us at 817-323-9401   or   Email: to request a call back or information.

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Biblical Women Fundraiser
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