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Daily Pay

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Daily Pay for Direct Sales

(PayPal or Cash App payments)

Where can you sell Biblical Women Products?

Online - If you enjoy social media and online marketing this is a great opportunity for you to reach a targeted audience.  We are introducing our inspirational décor pillows and totes.  We are ready to pay you daily for each order placed from your personalized web page for these statement pieces and gifts.


Social Gatherings – If you are a public speaker or someone who has regular zoom gatherings this is an opportunity for you to share these decorative items and earn additional income.  Faith based speakers can take orders at events and we will ship the products directly to your supporters.  We offer products that help you share your faith.


Fundraising – We provide online tools for group fundraisers.  Our fundraisers last 2-3 weeks and we provide free delivery to you for you to distribute products to your supporters.


How much does it cost to get started?

 $0 - There is no cost to get started and no monthly fees.  We will provide you with a free webpage and personalized ad you can use with your online promotions.  If the webpage remains inactive the first two weeks after signing up, the page will be deleted and there will be a $20 reinstatement fee applied or you can opt for the $10 per month maintenance fee to keep your webpage active.


Questions to Ask Yourself Before Joining Biblical Women Product Sales

  1. What types of high quality products or unique products do I want in my life and could talk about for hours and hours?

  2. Can I dedicate enough time to my direct sales opportunity? (Consider your family, work and other obligations.)

  3. How tech-savvy would I need to be? They do offer me a free webpage.

  4. Am I willing to take the time to share the business thoroughly with others interested in the products?

To learn more about a direct sales opportunity or fundraising contact us at:

Email:   T : 817-323-9401

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