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Affiliate Program Paid Daily
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- Online Donations  * Traditional Brochures*

Affiliate Marketing Paid Daily

We offer inspirational décor pillows and totes!  We are ready to help you with a fine fundraiser with exclusive products.  There is no cost to get started!

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Affiliate Marketing
Affiliate Marketing Paid Daily

How much do we earn?

You will receive $10 for $35 donations for online and traditional fundraisers.

Recurring monthly donations for $50 or more gives you $25 or more per month.  Any donations above $35 means you will receive the additional funds. 

How much does it cost to get started?

 $0 - There is no cost to get started and no additional fees.  We will provide you with a free personalized webpage (for online fundraiser), and up to 20 full color order forms (for traditional brochure fundraiser).

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Contact us and let's get started!

Thank you for contacting us!  We will contact you shortly.

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