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Get ready to handle your media interviews with ease.  You have a natural ability to speak in front of the camera and microphone.  You just have to tap into it.  Media Specific Services with Cynthia Austin will teach you how to speak with confidence and connect with your media audience.


Are you prepared to meet the media?  Are you ready to promote your work to the masses?  Good media exposure can increase your visibility.  This can potentially increase your sales and lead to more profits.  Prepare to connect with your media audience and speak with confidence.  For excellent media interviews, you must convey your authentic self and know how to get your thoughts and ideas about your topic to the listeners and viewers.  Media Specific will help you to listen, relax and enjoy your interview.  You want the interviewer to be engaged in you and your participation.  You want to answer from your true self.  Interviews should be enjoyed and not feared.  Cynthia Austin teaches with sensitivity and compassion as she uses her gift of communication to help you use everything you have within you to give your best interviews while telling your story and promoting your ideas in front of people



Being afraid to go in front of the camera and microphone can hold you back from grand media opportunities.  You must be able to share your ideas and information with the masses. 


For over 30 years Cynthia Austin has done interviews on television, radio and digital media.  When people tell Cynthia after the interview that she is easy to talk to, she simply says, so are you.  This is what she brings to the course.  You are easy to talk to and she shows you.  Cynthia helps you with your presentation skills so you can share your ideas and expertise with your audience through various media platforms.


“I feel nervous” is the most common term used when people prepare to go in front of the camera and microphone.  Cynthia Austin will help you to speak with confidence while being interviewed on television, radio and digitally.  You will learn how to put the nerves away and pull out your natural ability to speak.


 During your individual training session, some of the areas Cynthia will help you with include:


  • Relax while being interviewed

  • Feeling confident and exuding that confidence

  • Preparing for hard questions

  • How to handle potentially uncomfortable moments

  • Connecting and being engaged with the interviewer


Some of the areas of presentation include:

  • Focusing on your message

  • Telling your story

  • Clarity of your message

  • Voice projection

  • Body language and expression



Some fears and concerns individuals share:

  1. I’m afraid they will see my nervousness

  2. I’m afraid of being judged

  3. My body shakes and I feel like I’m loosing control

  4. I’m too focused on what they are thinking about me


$600 for 2 hour coaching

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