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Cynthia Austin was born and raised in East Texas.  Upon graduating high school she moved to Houston, Texas where she attended the University of Houston and Columbia School of Broadcasting.  After receiving her FCC license to broadcast in radio, Cynthia moved to Longview, Texas to begin her career in radio in a small market.  She has always worked at the number one radio station in the markets where she was employed.  After establishing herself as an experienced radio announcer and being nominated for Who’s Who in America’s Broadcasters, Cynthia relocated to Austin, Texas where she worked at the number one Country Music Radio Station in America (KASE 101 FM) as a part of the national award winning on-air-team.  Cynthia hosted Late Night Gospel Mix TV in Dallas/Fort Worth.  She started Biblical Women Company after narrating the Biblical Women Stories featuring 54 one minute stories of some of the women in Biblical history.  Biblical Women Company

Cynthia Austin is the Executive Producer and Host of the Cynthia Austin Show.  Cynthia delivers inspirational and spiritual heartfelt talks to her audience as a speaker.  She is the mother of two whom she lovingly referrs to as "The Cubs."  Cynthia resides in Arlington, Texas.

"I have known since I was a little girl that I wanted to record and broadcast.  My childhood memory is that I would always play with tape recorders and cb radios.  There is something about being in a recording studio that just makes me feel right at home."  Cynthia

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